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About Us

About Us

Headed by Ernest Seet and Vivian Lim, Jwave Badminton Training Centre has helped many athletes improve their skills and deepen their understanding of badminton. With years of experience in training beginners, intermediate and advance players, Jwave provides comprehensive training programmes that are tailored to one’s skill level.

For those who are new in the sport, we will help you acquire proper techniques and aim to develop your interest and love for the sport. As for intermediate players, we want to advance your skills and improve your tactical awareness. With players who are already competent, we will look more in-depth into building multi dimensional physical fitness and ways to condition your body for competitive play.

Under the guidance of our coaches, many of our players have achieved excellent results in nation wide tournaments such as Li Ning Chinese Swimming Club Competition, Inter-school tournaments as well as various tournaments organized by Community Centres all around Singapore.

Jwave is currently heading

  • Jurong Junior College
  • St Margaret’s Secondary School
  • Kent Ridge Secondary School
  • Commonwealth Secondary School
  • Juying Primary School

We firmly believe in instilling core values of sports into our students.  Skills will win you medals but attitude will win you hearts.
At our centre, we want to nurture good sportsmen that can win both.

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